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Living fully in the midst of transition, or trying to anyways

photo (5)How to do this? Living fully in the midst of transition?

It seems to me it’s a whole lot easier to seize the moment when there are beautiful Greek sunsets out your window or fabulous crusader castles to explore. While we felt a whole new degree of exhaustion on our Epic Trip through the Middle East and Balkans, that part of the transition to Canada felt a whole lot easier than actually settling in.

We decided to move to Kelowna, BC, because of its beauty, outdoor adventure possibilities and wineries. (Yes, seriously, that’s why we moved here.) Thankfully, my husband got a job in town which legitimated those hedonistic desires!

We’ve been here for about six weeks and much of that time has been a whirlwind of unpacking boxes and scouring garage sales for cheap furniture.

Only now are we beginning to feel more settled. And now, real life is setting in.

To be honest, some days I feel like we have all the time in the world. Like life is lazily sipping away at a freshly brewed latte with a gorgeous sunrise in the background.

But there are other days where I feel frantic. Frantic that we don’t really have any friends yet. Frantic that I’ll never find a way to balance working part time and shuffling kids to daycare and preschool.

And then there’s the reality that we are stationary. We are bound by work and school schedules, fewer national holidays, and the fact that Canada is ridiculously expensive.

Much of the time, I don’t actually feel settled at all and transition is still a daily experience.

So. This Nester’s #write31days challenge is a personal journey for me. It’s an attempt to live more graciously, more abundantly and more joyfully in my crazy-mundane-exciting-lonely-full new life.

Want to join me for the ride? Goodness knows the more wisdom, the more joy, the more stories, the merrier the journey will be.


thoughts about moving

beautiful views
beautiful views - Steve and I enjoying some of our last times in the Canadian Rockies.



I’m starting to feel the pressure.  We move to Cambodia in 33 sleeps. 


What is swirling around in my brain these days?


Passports| visas| health insurance| missing friends and family| ultimate Frisbee as I know it| the Canadian Rockies| goodbyes with our wonderful church family| the heat| missing good coffee| my kitty| what do I pack in my suitcase?| malaria medication | seeing my sister in 38 days| shopping lists| to-do lists| too many lists| how will I handle the trafficking of women and children? Pedophiles? Etc?| safety|


Everything takes on a whole new perspective…hanging out with friends and family.  Enjoying the “lasts for a long time.” Making the most of the moment.  Thinking about what is truly Canadian and what I’ll truly miss. 


What a head full.