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thoughts about moving

beautiful views
beautiful views - Steve and I enjoying some of our last times in the Canadian Rockies.



I’m starting to feel the pressure.  We move to Cambodia in 33 sleeps. 


What is swirling around in my brain these days?


Passports| visas| health insurance| missing friends and family| ultimate Frisbee as I know it| the Canadian Rockies| goodbyes with our wonderful church family| the heat| missing good coffee| my kitty| what do I pack in my suitcase?| malaria medication | seeing my sister in 38 days| shopping lists| to-do lists| too many lists| how will I handle the trafficking of women and children? Pedophiles? Etc?| safety|


Everything takes on a whole new perspective…hanging out with friends and family.  Enjoying the “lasts for a long time.” Making the most of the moment.  Thinking about what is truly Canadian and what I’ll truly miss. 


What a head full.