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Spring has sprung

Green bursts forth from the weeping willows at a park near our house

For the past several weeks, spring has come. To be honest, I heave a sign of relief and think to myself, hallelujah we MADE it!.

After six years living in Cambodia’s tropical climate, I knew that our first winter back in Canada would be a shock to the system. To be fair, we are in the Okanagan, where winter winter only lasts a couple of months. To our family and friends in the Prairies, this must sound like pathetic drivel.

But still. We got used to 40 degrees every day remember. Also, I maintain bragging rights for surviving two hot seasons in my third trimester of pregnancy. It was at least 35-40 degrees every day and I assure you, I was a huffing, puffing, sweating mess.

So this first winter back felt daunting. And while I mentally prepared for the cold, it was actually the dark that shocked my system the most. Day turned to night by 4:30pm. Crazy!

But we made it through the slushy snow and the bad roads and the worst storm the Okanagan experienced in something like three decades. We made it through the gloomy days and exceptionally dark evenings.

And I’ve made it through 33 weeks of pregnancy, which in itself feels like a remarkable feat.

So dear spring, thank you for finally arriving with all of your hope and light and expectation.


on living in tension

Bring on the tension in new and challenging and beautiful and radical ways in 2012:

If Christian life is a matter of living in an unfinished drama, then the improvisatory discipleship to which we are called requires something of a double immersion. We must be immersed in the biblical story and we must be immersed in the world. Only through such double immersion will we have any ability to discern faithful improvisations from missteps and dead ends. Rooted in a biblical vision of life, being formed in our very identity and character by this narrative, we attempt (in fear and trembling) to discern a path ahead.

-Brian Walsh & Sylvia Keesmaat {Colossians Remixed}



The ocean pounds the surf onto the sand.  Secret Beach.  Rolling waves – completely folding over onto themselves.  No surfers out today.   At the edge – hardened lava flows into the ocean.  Pools form and shells, pieces of coral stuck.  Stranded. 

Tunnels beach.  A whole new world.  The creativity of the Master shows in every swish of a neon fin – on every polka dot and stripe on the gorgeous underworld creatures.  The reef plummets to the depths of the ocean floor.  But up here, near the surface, goggles on and flippers in tow, I am safe.  Observing the incredible majesty of a reef teeming with life. 

Gorgeous Kaua’i.