My name is Amie and this is my blog. Reflections about travel and life abroad, living overseas with kids, and experiments (and failures) in pursuing justice.


  • I’m a 30 ish lover {wife} and momma of two.
  • I work in communications for a not-for-profit organization
  • I’m an aspiring writer|traveler|adventurer|photographer|dancer|hiker|ultimate frisbee player.
  • I’m attempting to act justly, love mercy, and humbly follow the ways of Jesus.
  • Currently living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • I grew up in the Canadian prairies and sometimes I miss the snow.

11 thoughts on “About.”

    1. Yes and no – i know only what’s been posted in the news, which focuses more on land rights issues and the enormous challenges the people, and their supporters face in standing up for themselves. It’s definitely a hot topic among organizations such as LICADHO, ADHOC, etc. But other than that, I’m rather in the dark.

  1. Frost had an interesting story of meeting a Cambodian church planter/missionary who simply followed the government trucks out to the resettlement area, rolled up his sleeves, and started building homes with the people as they settled into the swamp into which they had been relocated. It sounded like a very incarnational means of bringing the Kingdom of God to displaced people.

      1. It’s a beautiful photo! The reason I asked was because I found it online and wanted to use it as a profile picture on an online forum, but for some reason had a feeling I should ask.

  2. stumbled upon your blog through your IG; we apparently use the same hashtag #lifeincambodia. I am here in Ta Khmau for 3 months. It’s been great and if for any reason we get a chance to meet; that would be so lovely!

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