Introducing our Peace Child

FullSizeRenderIt’s dawn outside. The moon is still high in the sky.

From my place here in my bed at the hospital, one of the Okanagan’s mountain ranges stands tall, framed by my window.

As I glance to the left, I see a bluebird sky and the textured mountain range in the back. It is a gift.

The view to my right is another. A 24 hour old baby. Perfect, tiny and precious. IMG_7373

This little one decided she would enter the world in all her glory on our 10th anniversary.

She is here. 

Paxten (Pax) Arelea Gosselin. “God’s Messenger of Peace.”

Born May 7, 2015 at 10:34am. 8lbs 1oz. 53cm tall.

She is beautiful and perfect and wonderfully healthy.

Praise be to God.


One thought on “Introducing our Peace Child”

  1. She is a gift, enjoy every moment! Very thankful how everything has worked out for your family.

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