Yes, this happened

IMG_0614So this happened last week. It’s taken me a good four days to start speaking about it publicly because it’s so humiliating. Who puts their wallet AND phone on top of the car, buckles in their almost two year old, then jumps into the drivers seat and just TAKES OFF.

Well, me and my 8-month-pregnant-self, apparently.

Later in the evening of that fateful day, a lovely man from UPS dropped my wallet off at our house. He’d found it on his run, checked to see who it belonged to, and kindly went out of the way to hand deliver it completely intact. I feel profoundly indebted to UPS right now, especially since there was over $200 of cash in there. Yes…to make matters even more humiliating, I had just gone to the ATM before the pregnancy-mush-brain fiasco.

I spent the rest of the day blocking credit and interact cards and racking my brain for what other gems I’d had in the wallet. Thankfully, because of honest Mr. UPS, I didn’t have to spend the next day getting new health cards, library cards, and all those other life essentials.

But the phone, oh the phone. That was a different story. My husband, convinced he would be able to find it and wanting some closure to the horrid tale (was it stolen? what happened to it?), rode his bike around the area looking for it early the next morning. Found it he did. Scattered all over the highway. In about a bazillion pieces. He picked up what he could, including a fully intact case and the battery leaking acid everywhere.

It was an epic case of pregnancy mush brain (one that comes close to the Baby Brain incident of 2011). I am grateful that no one was hurt in the process and that of all things to lose it was just STUFF. Sure I lost time searching for my wallet and phone and making several trips back and forth to the area where I thought I’d lost it. But, it wasn’t the people in my life. And in the end it was just a phone, something I was able to replace relatively easily.

The moral of the story for me is to not make any big life decisions one month before a third baby is due. And never put anything on the roof of the car. 


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