Gratitude Winds Down

While this little #thegratitudeproject may be winding down officially in this format on this blog, I hope to keep up the practice each day – especially as Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Here we go, Days 29 and 30, again…better late than never.

FullSizeRenderDay 29: Cambodia Legacies

This picture does very little service at actually conveying the awesomeness of this little book. It’s all bad graphics and even worse English, which combined makes for a hilarious page turner. It sits on our coffee table in our living room and every time I look at it, it makes me smile and brings back a few memories of our time in Cambodia. So grateful.


Day 30: Rainbows. I snapped this on my way home after a particularly dreadful meeting. And no I was NOT feeling grateful and was actually having a bit of a pity party.

Then this site greeted me as I rode my bike home. Not only had I missed the rain during my meeting, but this rainbow hung in the sky almost as if to say, “even on the bad days there are always things to be grateful for.” 

Now I’m onto my next blogging challenge. I’m attempting the Nester’s #write31day challenge focusing on living fully in the midst of transition.


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