Gratitude Days 26-28

#thegratitudeproject Days 26-28

photo (5) Day 26: Farmer’s Markets. Open-air markets in Cambodia are vibrant and colourful affairs where you can get everything from underwear and spices to fresh (still squirming!) meat and jewelry. They were one of my favourite parts of living in Asia. So, I am awfully thankful that here in Canada the farmer’s market has gained in popularity. We went to Kelowna’s Farmer’s and Crafter’s Market on Saturday and gorged ourselves on fresh spud stix (delicious!), Chinese dumplings and fresh coffee, while stocking up on local, organic vegetables and fruit for the coming week. The kids particularly loved the bouncy castle – so a win win for all of us!Look at the contrast!
photo (5) Day 27: Colour Pops.Every time I leave our house I am awed and inspired by the trees. The magnificent pops of colour are so spectacular. I can’t help myself but be a bit slack jawed and thankful for beauty. Let’s just hope I actually have time to slow down and really enjoy it.
syringes-and-vial-1028452-m Day 28: Health. We took our girls in for booster shots this morning and I am thankful for a few things…namely, the lovely nurse who was able to decode their Thai and Cambodian immunization records (no small feat let me tell you!) and the brilliant way she managed two little ones sensitive to needle pricks. She had bubbles out within 2 seconds of the shots so they were adequately distracted and stickers and toothbrushes followed quickly. Mostly though, I’m grateful for health and freedom from disease and infection.

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