Gratitude 23-25

#thegratitudeproject Days 23-25

I’m a bit behind. That can only mean that life has been full, we’ve been out a few times in the past week, and now we have visitors! It isn’t that I haven’t been grateful, but instead of posting here, have been filing them away in my heart.

Day 23 – Firsts: photo (2)Aya started French Immersion preschool this week and I am thankful for a few hours every morning to work in solitude. This week of firsts also included meeting some new friends, going to my first ever TedX event, and feeling a bit more connected to Kelowna.

Day 24 – Date Night: photo (3)It’s been a looooong time since we had a date night. But when Russell Peters comes to town, that’s excuse enough to get a baby sitter and go for a night on the town. This was the sky the evening we left our lil’  munchkins to laugh until our faces hurt.

Day 25 – Visits from Family!: DSC_1196Love these guys and so very grateful for the time they are spending with us in the Okanagan. The relationship between grandparent and grandchild is just so sweet. Love seeing it play out every day.


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