#thegratitudeproject Day 20

photo (2)The leaves are starting to turn and I am absolutely delighted by this. I really noticed it yesterday while we were in the car driving down a street near our home. We live in an older neighbourhood and the trees are so tall and gorgeous they almost form an arc in some places. I looked up out the front window and noticed the transformation from green to yellow in progress.

This is the first autumn we’ve spent in Canada in six years!

Yes, six.

I’ve missed over half a decade of leaves turning. It was something I thought about every year in Cambodia because we didn’t have the same seasonal cues. (Instead, there were other fabulous ones. Like mango and mangosteen season. Or monsoon season. Or the cooler season (like 28 degrees each day instead of 35).

I am grateful to be experiencing a Canadian autumn once again. As we settle into life in Kelowna, I find myself reminiscing a lot about Cambodia and remembering the highs and the lows and our life of abundant adventure and joy there. But the leaves turning press me towards gratitude. For cool weather. For nature exploding into dazzling colour. For pumpkins and boots and spiced lattes. For seasons coming and going and coming again, and for a God who sees the whole cycle through over and over.

Plenty to be thankful for indeed.


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