Friendships that transcend time and space

#thegratitudeproject Day 12

The other day, a friend sent me a rather cryptic email. It detailed an address and a time that I was supposed to go to that address.

First of all, I adore stuff like that. I feel like I’m on the amazing race or something…

So, I loaded the girls in the car and eventually got to the right place. And low and behold, this was what awaited us.

photoI am grateful. For friendships that transcend space and time (years and years in fact!). For friends that are purposeful in making us feel loved and valued. For friends who have been with us over the long haul.

This particular gift was from one particular friend, but the words in this blog are for plenty of friends out there – you know who you are!

There were plenty of chocolate covered strawberries in there which totally and completely made my day.


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