Why I’m thankful to be driving in Canada

#thegratitudeproject Day 7

photo 3Yes this is a photo of a highway somewhere between Vancouver and Kelowna. At first glance, it might not seem too spectacular, though there is a lovely mountain in the shot. 

But what’s really going on here is just HOW AMAZING the highway is. Do you see it? At least two lanes of traffic each way. And all this in the mountains. 

After six years of driving a motorbike in Cambodia (here is a little primer my husband developed to really give a sense of what it’s like), Canadian highways literally help me to breath easier and feel less stressed. I remember towards the end of our time in Cambodia dreaming about them. I dreamed of how wide and open and free they are and of the absence of animals, people, carts, and horrendously awful drivers. 

And here we are, really enjoying them. Sometimes I do miss the nutty chaos of driving in Cambodia. It really did feel like you were driving in a video game and you had to be alert every single second.

But for now, I’m thankful for cars and car seats and all the wonderful folks in this country who actually stop at red lights and stop signs. 



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