Gallery Wall

#grattitudeproject day 2

Gallery WallYes, this is a photo of a gallery wall in our new house. Silly? Perhaps. But it is actually the culmination of years – of discovering places and people, of finding just the right memento.

Everything on this wall holds some sort of meaning. Trips taken. Gifts from friends. Wild wilderness adventured. Volcanoes climbed. Epic trips taken. 

And they are all safely on the wall in our very own living room. After almost ten years together (and 9 rental arrangements), we’ve finally bought a house. I guess that means we’re settling in. (Not settling down…that’s completely different!). And it sure feels nice to not have to worry about how many holes I’m pounding into the wall. 

So I’m grateful for this gallery wall and for the journey we had to take to get it up there. And that there are still a couple of blank frames – cause the adventure is never over.

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