My Gratitude Project

So a few weeks ago, I guest blogged for a good friend and quoted Alan Watts:  

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.


I love this quote. But oh my land, in REAL life it’s hard to put into practice.

Did you know that we finally made it to Kelowna? After six months of transition, here we are. Surrounded by mountains and vineyards and a gorgeous lake, and something like 50 national, regional and provincial parks within an hour’s drive?

And of course, NOW it’s all catching up with me – the travel, the changes, the unbearable sense of loss we have experienced during the past year.

I just feel…well…blah. 

So, I’m just going to say it. I don’t really believe in “picking yourself up by your bootstraps.” Because sometimes life throws the most ugly, ridiculous curve balls in your direction. It’s just SO HARD. And “snapping out of it” isn’t possible. Plus, I do think that life is a journey. And the dark spots have as much to teach us as the sunny ones.

Sometimes we need to try to dance in the dark.  

All that said, I do know that I need to make some choices. Every day. Little ones that will help me remember the good, the beautiful. 

So, for the month of September, I’m committing to posting something I AM grateful for. Every day. It’s a ritual I hope will spark something new for me. Allow me to jump into the chaotic and crazy dance Alan Watts talks about. And, if nothing else, hopefully I’ll develop deeper resilience for the curve balls.

Here we go…

TheGratitudeProject Day 1: 

Universal Health Care once again! We just got our health cards and are so very very thankful that we are covered again! 





One thought on “My Gratitude Project”

  1. This a great Amie. I agree completely, I don’t think we can just pick ourselves up and carry on. Moving around in the muck and difficulties of what life throws at us, and sometimes just sitting in it for a while is what needs to happen. It makes the bright and joyful times seem so much lighter, and we are so much more thankful for them. I didn’t know being an adult was going to be so jarring, or exciting; so painful or so beautiful.

    I’m thankful for summer visits from friends, and new little friends playing in the tub. For wine and laughter and real friendship. Love you.

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