The Strength You Have

strengthAt a work function today, a leader I greatly respect gave a speech – though it really was more of an informal pep talk – which is even better. A bit more real and tangible.

Go with the strength you have (Judges 6:14)

That was the gist of it. Following the story of Gideon in Judges in the Old Testament, it couldn’t have been more perfectly timed.

I’m 30 weeks pregnant and pregnancy “mush brain” has settled in fully. (Ahem, like sending calendar invites, emails and texts to the wrong people, and the list goes on). Add to that the perpetual overheating (Cambodia these days is +35) and the general fatigue of living in the tension of mommyhood and career.

While I feel like I’m coping at work, busy-ness has certainly set in and there’s no end in sight until I go on maternity leave. I definitely feel like there are never enough hours in a day, always too little sleep, and too much to do.

And then you have the story of Gideon who is called by God to defeat his enemies. And while he starts with a hefty sum of 30,000 or so odd men against the seemingly insurmountable 130,000 strong enemy, God whittles that down to a few hundred.

And it is through creativity (lamps in clay pots and musical instruments) that they are victorious.

It was an uplifting reminder that despite pregnancy mush brain, and my many insufficiencies, the strength I do have is enough. Because it’s not really about me anyways, and there will never ever be enough hours in the day to accomplish all we want. But, when God calls us to live our lives with purpose, He will give the rest. In the meantime, I can…

Go in the strength you have


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