It was one of those absolutely amazing meetings. Where you have that “NO WAY, it’s such small world!!!” moment.

Steve and I met up with a friend of friends from Canada for lunch. But it turned out that he was actually the father of MY friends from college. Do not ask me how in the day and age of perpetual connectivity via facebook and email, that I missed that small detail!

But needless to say I did. And so we enjoyed the surprised wonder of reconnecting with someone who was, in reality, an old, dear friend.

And it was wonderful!

I love the questions visitors from Canada ask and how it forces me to think through things I haven’t thought about in awhile. Like why I’m in Cambodia (whole other post…). And what I do for work (of course I think about this a lot…but articulating it is a whole different ballgame). And what it’s like to live and work and raise a family here.

And it forces me to think about Canada again too. To ask questions that I haven’t asked in awhile. Like what life is like there. And why come to Cambodia? And what’s this trip all about? And what do you do at home?

It’s kind of like being in a parallel universe. Or like being in the middle of two worlds colliding. It’s all very real and serendipitous.

And it is certainly a lunch I won’t forget for a long time to come.

One thought on “Collisions”

  1. I experienced two separate worlds when I worked as a volunteer in West Africa in the mid 1970’s and 80’s. I got on a plane, left one world behind, and entered the other.
    Conditions now are so very different because one can connect in the present tense by phone or Skype, or keep in touch with updates and photos by email or Facebook. The two worlds can exist at the same time, rather than one being past tense. When I was in Africa, it took a month for a letter to get to Canada, and another month to get a reply.

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