Asian Food

Numanchok – a rice noodle dish with herbs and coconut sauce.

This weekend, our landlords invited us for a feast of ‘Numanchok” in honour of their former tenant (a Japanese newspaper photographer) and his return to Cambodia for a visit. We always jump at the opportunity to eat with this family. Because they are very welcoming and fun, our daughter loves hanging out with their kids, and the food’s always good.

The Numanchok didn’t disappoint. It’s a scrumptious Khmer dish where you start with a hefty portion of rice noodles, add various herbs and greens and maybe even flowers if you’re lucky (we were lucky and they were very tasty), and top it off with a delicious coconut sauce.

Sluuuuuurp! Aya devouring her noodles with our landlord’s son keeping a keen eye on her.

But the best part of the whole meal was Aya (I know I’m biased cause I’m her mother of course…). I have never seen her eat like that before.

Having made the decision to have a baby and raise her (at least for the time being) in Asia really should have prepared me. My daughter loves Cambodian food (and detests Western dishes almost as passionately!)

As we were sitting at the table, Aya at the high chair, tucking in, Aya was slurping back noodles like she hadn’t eaten in weeks. The look on her face kind of said, “”FINALLY you’re feeding me real food.”

The landlords were just as pleased that this little Canadian girl knows how to eat Cambodian food. And we were just glad she was eating. 🙂

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