A deeper 2012

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There are a few values that I want to be more mindful of this year. Values that I feel reflect a deeper, Kingdom way of life. Values that I’ve read about in the Scriptures and seen modeled in good friends, that I too want to emmulate.

Like radical hospitality {Radical for Steve + I that is}:: Like opening our home + our hearts in new + stretching ways this year. It challenges our selfishness – for our own time and our own space and doing things “our way” all the time.  Be devoted to one another in love. Honour one another above yourselves…Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. {Romans 12:10-13}

Like choosing creativity + simplicity ::    

We made a practice of tracking all of our expenditures in January. Oh My Word, it was revealing. First of all, that one can spend so much money {in Cambodia} without even really thinking about it. And secondly, how 99.9% of that spending was on ourselves. Ultimately, it’s not really about the money. We have to earn + spend – that’s the way countries + economies work. But it has made me think about why I spend and where I spend it and whom I spend it on. I want to challenge the status quo in my own life {I need the $3 coffee} with simplicity + creativity  {Why don’t I find a way to make delicious homemade lattes instead?} And start to be more generous. {Invite people to share things with me – hearkening back to that value of hospitality}.

Simplicity is a profoundly counter-cultural ideal…Just think of the messages we are pummeled with every day: that the key to economic security is building more, creating more, buying more; that the right mark of material success and improvement is a bigger house, with more possessions; that the best solution for bored children is more toys; that the solution to disconnected people is more ways to stay (or not) in touch; the list goes on.  Is it any wonder then, that when someone, say, suggests that one way to escape from the tedium that sometimes afflicts life, is in fact to get rid of things (possessions, commitments, whatever) — that we bristle a little? {Paul Chaplin::“Simplicity…really?” in catapult magazine}

I hope that as we bumble + stumble trying to live these out that the journey itself will spark transformation.


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