on creating

I think I need to print this out and stick it up everywhere. On my fridge. On my  mirror. At my desk at work. By my computer at home.

I like it that much. Why? Because it reminds me to push harder + and chase after the things that matter. It reminds me to pursue excellence. And always for the right reasons (as an act of giving first fruit, not striving for perfection to achieve unrealistic expectations). I like that it includes working hard + playing hard. It involves sharing + learning. And best of all, it encourages passion and challenges me to risk. (Thanks Christy, for posting this!)


3 thoughts on “on creating”

  1. I like this list! But what do you guys think about #6? It seems like it has some strangely competitive tones – why work when others rest when you could be resting (within reason) with others yourself?

    1. I agree, Amanda, on its own #6 can legitimize excessive work, lack of community + fierce competition. I like that it comes after #5 though. Sabbath [taking a break] comes first. Perhaps out of that comes an energy to pursue what we are called to? But, maybe #6 isn’t needed at all. I like #1 better anyway!

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