Three years ago almost exactly, we were on our way to Cambodia. The thrill of the adventure was so high. We were so pumped and excited.

It’s September 1 + here we are off to Cambodia again. Only this time we’re three years wizened and this time there are three of us. It’s a bittersweet re-entrance to Asia this time. We’ll miss things about Canada for sure – and this time we really know what they are. {Family {grandparents especially!}, sweatshirt weather, mountains, peanut butter m & m’s, + friends}.

But we long for Cambodia just the same. The sense of adventure + hilarity around every corner. Some of the most profound experiences of community + the Body we have ever had the privilege of having. Ultimate frisbee year round. 🙂 Work we are passionate about.

It’s a strange thing feeling so at home in what seems like two diametrically opposite places.

Hot + cold. Wet + Dry. Rich + Poor. Vast + Dense.

But it is true. We’ve sunk back into Canada so easily. Seamlessly. Driving our car. Roaming Walmart. Reconnecting with family + friends like there hasn’t been 2.5 years between us. Dropping $16 on a meal because that’s just what it costs in Canada.

But we’ll sink back into Cambodia too – with Aya along for the ride.  Into our home church community. Into the unbearably sweaty heat. Into work. Into noodles off the street + clothes from the market. Into driving our motorbike around town.

Au Revoir Canada! We’ll be back soon.

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