Bucket List

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I need some new goals. Ambitions that keep me going and dreaming and focused and active. But goals that are still reasonable with a baby in the picture.

It’s amazing what having a baby can take out of you! They are rewarding and beautiful. And seeing them grow and change isn’t even explainable. It’s a miracle that I am so grateful to be able to experience.

But. I still need some goals. Because I want my little girl to experience incredible things. And to ensure that, I need create an environment where that is possible. If I don’t…life will pass us by. And years from now I’ll wish that I’d been more strategic + determined. More focused. And that I’d dreamed bigger and pushed harder.

Here are a few {Cyberspace to hold me accountable!}

  1. Fit {comfortably} into my pre-pregnancy pants again {without fear of seam splitting}.
  2. Hike Nepal + Tibet
  3. Visit China
  4. Explore Burma
  5. Train for + Participate in the Angkor Wat bike race {As per #1}
  6. Do a long trek in Greece.
  7. Learn how to + make sweet rice wine

4 thoughts on “Bucket List”

  1. yay! LOVE LOVE LOVE the bucket list.

    I have no doubt you’ll be back into your old pants in no time 😉

    As for training for the Angkor Wat bike race- can i join you?!? I’d love to do it as well, but need a partner if I’m going to stick to it.

    And as for visiting China…. well…. you can always come see me next year! 🙂 My home is yours (wherever my home happens to be at the time).

  2. Love it Amie! I want to fit into my clothes as well, I want to learn to speak French, and be a better cook. I will join you in making some new goals!

    1. Hooray! Motivation outside of Cyberspace to keep up with these things! We can nudge each other in the right direction everytime we chat on Skype. Keep in touch my friend!

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