You know You’re Pregnant When

  • it feels like an alien has taken over your stomach and started fist and knee fights with your belly button, bladder, colon, stomach and ribs.  The alien presence is winning.
  • you run to the bathroom every 15 minutes feeling like your bladder is going to explode. but there’s actually just a dribble. [Repeat the process at least 24 times a day].
  • tired. all the time and yet remarkably sleepless.
  • it feels like you’ve run a marathon after climbing two flights of stairs.
  • you need to prop your belly up with a pillow in order to sleep at night.
  • did I mention tired?
  • you walk slowly and it still feels really fast.
  • cankles. ’nuff said.
  • lungs on fire (baaaaad heartburn).
  • you need a little boost or push to get out of super comfy beds and chairs. otherwise, you’re stuck.
  • as desperately as you want the bloated beached whale feeling to be gone, you realize that in order for that to happen, another human being who is completely reliant upon you is going to have to enter the world. That’s thrilling and terrifying all at once.

2 thoughts on “You know You’re Pregnant When”

  1. Thanks for reminding me how it felt to be pregnant! I am thinking and praying for you guys. The count down is on.

  2. You know you are pregnant when, for the first time ever, you notice how many other pregnant women you see when you wander out and about.

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