Being Canadian

I admit, I usually don’t follow politics in Canada that much. I have my predispositions (centre-left). And have become even more certain of the value of government involvement in a country since living in Cambodia for the past 2.5 years. (When you dish out cashola for every single blood test, ultrasound, doctor’s consultation and prescription, you certainly start to value a universal health care system.)

So, when something actually happens in Canadian politics, I get a bit excited. And the latest news from Canada is a bit exciting! It’s been the topic of conversation among Canadians in Cambodia all weekend.

“So, is this actually a win-win situation for Harper? Has this been his scheme all along?”

“What do you really think about Ignatieff?”

“It sucks that the Green Party is ahead in public opinion but has no seats in the House. Why does our system fail in that way?”

I’m looking forward to following the election coverage in the coming weeks. And then, while waiting for Baby Goss to join this world, doing a little side trip to the embassy in Bangkok to cast our votes.

In the meantime, here’s a fun little activity to do online. It’s a poll. But a fund exercise in figuring out what I actually really value in the Canadian system and where I want to see it go.

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