giving up my life

Just read Eugene Cho’s latest blog post on lent. It shed some light (and wisdom) on my own last post about what I’m giving up this lenten season.

He says…

We need Gospel.

And by Gospel, I’m not speaking of self-help, pop spiritual psychology, but a Gospel that cuts into the heart of humanity with a grace that compels us to not just merely to salvation but a life committed to justice, reconciliation, and redemption.

Isaiah 58 speaks of fasting but fasting that God is not pleased with. It’s a fasting that caters to our own eyes, flesh, and pleasure but not the kind of fasting that God invites us to:

a life broken and transformed by the things of God

(italics,  mine!)

the last thing I want is for this Lenten season to become my 3-step program to an anxiety-free life. What I really desire is what Cho talks about. That my self-denial over the next 35 or so odd days will make me more mindful of Jesus, his Life, and his Kingdom. And give me a platform to shoot forward with freedom and with grace. 

if I actually really believe what Jesus said, then I shouldn’t be afraid. Right? That is the beginning and mark of true faith. Fearing God first and letting other things fall into their rightful place below that.

That’s what this season is for me.

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