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The way I approach reading is much how I approach everything in life. A bazillion ideas, lots of great start up plans, and a hard time following through. I am a distractable reader and usually have 3 or 4 books open at once. I read as my mood sways me.  

My book shelf is another great example of my reading habits. It is packed, cover to cover, word to word, with books I haven’t read yet. Instead of cracking one of them open and diving in, I covet books on my friend’s bookshelves and from too many surfing sessions on Amazon instead. 

I love reading. I love the ideas. But mostly, I love words. Especially strings of them that flow like poetry and make my heart sing. And I love how great writers have a way of communicating those deep mysteries I have such a hard time vocalizing myself.

We’re still two and a half months short of the New Year, it’s not my birthday or any other special event, but I am making a resolution nonetheless.

I will, from this day forward, read all the books on my bookshelf before buying a new one. This is a task indeed. All the books are dizzyingly different. Fiction and non-fiction. Spiritual and non. Serious and humourous. Some are about Cambodia, some about sex slavery, some about ending poverty in our time. Some, i have no idea what they are really about because the back doesn’t really explain it. But here we go. I think I am going to expand my mind in very big ways. This is a good thing!

THE LIST (in no particular order):

  1. Dead Aid (Dambisa Moyo);
  2. How To be Good (Nick Hornby);
  3. Dreams From My Father (Barack Obama);
  4. Into the Wild (John Krakauer);
  5. It’s not About the Bike (Lance Armstrong);
  6. Nurturing the Nations (Darrow L. Miller);
  7. The Great Awakening (Jim Wallis);
  8. Portrait in Sepia (Isabel Allende);
  9. The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Milan Kundera);
  10. From Eternity to Here (Frank Viola);
  11. The Ragamuffin Gospel (Brennan Manning);
  12. The White Tiger (Aravind Adiga);
  13. 28 Stories of Aids in Africa (Stephanie Nolen);
  14. The God of Intimacy and Action (Tony Campolo & MAry Albert Darling);
  15. The Road of Lost INnocence (Somaly Mam);
  16. The End of Poverty (Jeffrey Sachs);
  17. Jesus Rediscovered (Malcolm Muggeridge);
  18. The End of Christendom (Malcom Muggeridge);
  19. Shaping the Future (Phyllis Kilbourn, Ed.);
  20. Look Through God-Coloured Glasses (John Ortberg);
  21. A Time to Mourn, A Time to Dance (Keith McDonald);
  22. His Last Command, Our First Priority (Jack Hanes);
  23. Terrify No More (Gary Haugen);
  24. Orthodoxy (GK Chesterton);
  25. Off the Rails in Phnom Penh (Amit Gilboa).  

Happy reading to me!

2 thoughts on “My bookshelf”

  1. Great idea. I too like the chaotic approach of reading multiple books at one time. When we moved from Calgary to Vancouver two years ago I gave away two-thirds of my books. I have only missed one of them. Now I can say that I have read all of the books on my shelves except a small stack of books that are waiting to be read or are in the process of being read. Happy reading to you.

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