it was a really busy week. international visitors for work always keep me on call 24 hours a day [and on my best behaviour]. during these visits, i am admin assistant and tour guide, facilitator and travel agent at the same time.

it is exhausting. rewarding, yes. and exhausting.

but in th middle of all of this, like a little shower of grace on a hot, stressful day, i had breakfast with a good friend. i left feeling so refreshed.

it’s the kind of friendship where it’s easy. easy in the sense that both of you are on a similar wavelength – a similar track and conversation flows and you both feel like you connect. it’s deep. profound. i love when friends read through my sharp edges and my opinions and see my heart under the surface.

that’s what breakfast was like yesterday. and i treasured it. because those types of friendships are rare. we can’t take them lightly. because they are a gift.

and so i thank God for his Body. and that there are relationships within it that aren’t so easy and that sharpen and challenge and transform us. but there are also those relationships that are just such a gift! and for those i am eternally grateful.


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