the unfinished

thank you to for such a lovely photo

it struck me as i was at the gym [not my typical locale for an epiphany] this afternoon how everything in Phnom Penh is a work in progress. and how much i love that.

most buildings are unfinished. rebar juts out of the side of concrete. [just in case people might want to add on in the future]. development happens as families have time and resources. 

family homes. the gym’s change rooms. streets.

things aren’t perfect and it’s okay that way. 

i like that. because i usually have to remind myself that being imperfect is okay. so i can remind myself in every brick and pile of sand. with every construction worker i pass. that i should be gracious with myself.  

life is this journey. a work in progress. always shifting, changing, becoming what it is meant to be.


One thought on “the unfinished”

  1. Hey, just to let you know I still enjoy reading your thoughts and musings… particularly when you are in transition. Lots of love to you! xxx

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