Oscar Muriu @ Urbana ’09

I got wind of Oscar Muriu’s sermon at the most recent Urbana ’09 from my friend Amanda.  I’ve spent the past day waiting for the video to load enough on our Phnom Penh internet connection so I can watch it without the fits and starts of live streaming.  It’s also taken most of the past 24 hours for me to really listen to it.  I’ll admit…I’ve had to take breaks…To breath.  To let his words sink in.  And to sit back in speechless wonder…

I know how important his words are to mission…communicating the faith…to justice.  But I still get stuck.  What does it really look like? 

Gahhhhhhh!  The frustration.  No wonder we always default to programs and strategic planning and measurable goals and outcomes.  It is so much easier to do that than to live and serve among the poor.  

This is a very, very important video and I hope it challenges you as much as it has me.

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