sometimes i feel like david

No, this post has nothing to do with justice.  Well, on second thought, maybe it does. 

I danced this evening in my first show in Phnom Penh.  It’s been ages since I danced in a show – at least since my third year of college.  And it felt really good to be back out there. 

I’ve forgotten how important it is to have releases.  To clear my head as I throw my body around to a beat.  Sometimes things in this country get so heavy.  Land rights, torture, trafficking, abuse, poverty.  You name it, and likely it rears its ugly head in Cambodia.  And working in an NGO where we fight valiantly every day to protect survivors of abuse, I’m bombarded with the bad stuff.  And this week in particular, with big international meetings, I’ve been swamped with information and long hours.   

“David…danced before the LORD with all his might.”  (2 Sam 6:14)

But tonight was a celebration.  The exhiliration of being onstage again.  Performing.  Friends and family coming out to support the show.   

I couldn’t help but beam with a huge smile throughout all five pieces I danced in.  I took a break from justice for a sabbath dance.  And in it, I recalibrated and remembered our bodies’ amazing ability to create art.  I suppose that is worship isn’t it?  And now I can face the realities again with renewed vigor.

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