big week

it has been a big week indeed.

Nov. 24 was White Ribbon Day, a day to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.  Myself and my colleagues all wore white ribbons demonstrating our solidarity with thousands of other people around the globe who want to end violence against women.  I am always proud when people from Canada do beautiful things.  White Ribbon Day is one of them – a group of Canadian businessmen decided to take a stand in 1991, becoming vocal and active in their support of ending violence against women.

Nov. 29 – was the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery.  Of course I am an avid admirer of William Wilberforce and the hurdles and incredible obstacles he faced 250 years ago as he lobbied for the end of the slave trade.  I look up to his courage.  To his faith.  And to the his dedication to justice.

And lastly, Nov. 30.  Yesterday, I visited one of Hagar Cambodia’s foster families.  It was a gorgeous visit.  We met a couple who have taken in 7 girls from Hagar’s Aftercare program and are raising them as their own.  These girls, who are all survivors of horrific abuse – rape, trafficking, sexual servitude – are living free, healthy and hopeful lives.  They are a part of a family again.  They are loved and treasured.  And I could see it in their eyes, that their dreams for the future can become a reality.  One day they will become doctors and lawyers and managers.

There were several times that I was moved to tears as we sat around and spent time with the family.  After observing these days and reminding myself that we must still work towards ending slavery and violence, it was a stunning experience.  I saw normal people doing beautiful things that are slowly chipping away at the ugliness of the world.  And in that, I experienced redemption.

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