november resolution

i wonder maybe if i’ve gone about blogging all wrong.  i’m tried to be too smart.  to witty.  too wise.

And when you try too hard to do anything, it always backfires.  the best things are the ones that roll out naturally.  that’s when it is the most beautiful.  i once heard that we should write what we know.  and when i try to hard, i try to be smart at the things i don’t know – and i think people can see through that.

so here’s to a new blogging beginning.

to honesty.  to authenticity.  to courage.

to getting out in the open the things i do know…and being real about the things i don’t.

to saying the things that are spilling over in my heart from the past year and a bit that i’ve lived in this beautiful Cambodian kingdom.  because i think the things i’ve learned are worth sharing – and maybe, somewhere around the world, someone can find some nugget of truth in the messiness of these stories of following Jesus and pursuing justice and love.



2 thoughts on “november resolution”

  1. thanks. i know what you mean all too well. feel like i recycle to this place of rawness every year or so. a healthy re-visitation.

    i’m impacted by your words of honesty. so thanks.

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