why i buy?

Our home church group has been discussing the theology of poverty.  i cannot believe how nicely colossians remixed fits within the scope of the dialogue.

we have been talking about the lies we believe as truth.  about empire and consumerism.  about coveting.  about the lust and greed for more.    and about how we have all internalized the images and icons that surround us every day.  images of beauty and perfection.  of  the complete and happy life.

and how one can never actually get there (wherever there is) because there is always something new to make you realize that you still haven’t got it.

you are only what you are able to buy.

and so we buy.

and buy. and buy.





and how unlike Jesus that theology of affluence is.  the Jesus who said that “life does not consist of an abundance of possessions.” (lk. 12:5)

And perhaps more importantly, that Jesus calls us to something higher.  brighter.  to choose him as our God instead of money and the lust for more.  because Jesus is the image of the invisible God.

It becomes a justice issue too…

“it isn’t difficult to see how the powerful myths of our own culture are evident in the images that surround us in daily life…these images tell a story of consumer affluence, Western superiority and the ineluctable march of economic progress…

Just as in the ancient world the images of peace and prosperity masked the reality of inequality and violence, so the contemporary images projected by advertising maske the reality of sweatshop, inequality, and domestic and international violence created by our lifestyles. ” (colossians remixed (63)

Lord, teach me to live serving only you as Lord.

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