colossians remixed

colossians remixedColossians Remixed (Brian J. Walsh & Sylvia Keesmaat) is the book I am reading right now.


It is intense.  It is forcing me out onto the balcony every morning to reflect and cry out to God for wisdom and discernment.  For how to live in this age of global empire.  Where I am tempted every hour it feels by new things and wanting to buy and this deep, ugly, evil, unsatiable desire for more.  more more more more more.

I might live in Cambodia where I am surrounded by the grinding reality of poverty.  Of people who don’t even have their most basic needs met.  Of forced evictions.  Of human trafficking.  And still the ugly monster (I want more) rears its head.  And I covet what I don’t have.

God forgive me.

And teach me how to live.  And give me the courage and the discipline to obey.



2 thoughts on “colossians remixed”

  1. I miss talking to you about these important things! I think this will always be one of our greatest challenges – the need to get ahead, advance our careers, be the epitome of what it looks like to be “successful” in the world’s eyes versus the want to live a meaningful life, partner with and serve the poor and live according to God’s plans for our lives which don’t always point to the world’s definition of success… It’s hard because you want the both… I want to know can you truly have both or does it have to be one or the other? x

  2. I read Colossians Remixed about a year ago and it took me several months to read it because I had to keep putting it down to pray. It is a powerful book. I find I am still ruminating on portions of the book and pull it off of the shelf again to re-read sections.

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