New Hopes for Abolition

If this isn't slavery...Yes, slavery does still exist.  It might not be the same as the transatlantic slave trade, but it does exist.  According to Kevin Bales (author of Disposable People and expert on the contemporary slave trade) there are about 27 million slaves in the world today. 

This article talks about just that – that slavery does exist and the hope that Barack Obama (who’s rise to the American presidency is a remarkable example of one man’s triump over the history of slavery) will propel America into a new era of abolition.

2 thoughts on “New Hopes for Abolition”

  1. like the new look of your site. check out my new page dedicated to modern day abolitionists. some sweet people are being featured and there’s more on the way… some who are familiar to you!


  2. How is Barack Obama a triumph over slavery? Because he’s a black man? His father was an immigrant from Kenya who was lucky enough to get a scholarship from the University of Hawaii, then he was given a scholarship to study at Harvard. Oh the oppression of the evil American Empire!!!!!!!!!!!

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