a week of lasts

Our last hiking adventure with Cody and Nicole - but hopefully not our last adventures with them.

finishing strong – or at least trying to.  it’s been a week of ‘the lasts’. 

-frisbee games – au revoir Grass Stainz and Run Fergus Run.  It’s been a slice.  Thank goodness I ended Run Fergus with a great layout.   

-work – last day is tomorrow.  it’s bitter sweet letting go of all of my projects and prepping them for the new guy who starts next week.

-the last time to hang out with friends and family.  going away parties, dessert, coffees, a few beers.  there are many people i will miss deeply.

-the last time sleeping in our little room in Mayland Heights.  the bed’s been gone for a week already, but there’s something so familiar about this place.  i’ve loved every second – the view of downtown; fantastic neighbours – great people for potlucks – family foods 100 steps away. 

-the last bike ride to work.  i’ve come to appreciate the 20-minute ride.  it clears my head, gives me exercize, and i feel stronger after a summer of riding. 

-last times with Snappy.  she goes to STeve’s dad’s house and is going to stay there until we figure out what’s going on.  we’re going to miss her winter adventures with mice.  (pout).  i’d love to bring her to cambodia…but don’t want to screw her up either with such a huge transition. 

winding down.  gearing up for the future. 

i sure hope i’m ready!

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