the domino effect

the dominoe effecthad a really interesting conversation with a friend at church this evening. he mentioned how he and his wife have really challenged themselves not to take the path of least resistance living in north america. (they’ve spent time in Indonesia in the past) they are making significant decisions that don’t follow the status quo – not buying a house, but a duplex instead. living close enough to work to bike. trying to intentionally grow in community. buck the trend of …get married, buy a big house, have a couple kids, live in relative peace and serenity until retirement…it’s like dominoes, he said. if we’re not careful as followers of The Way. if we don’t make decisions that buck those trends, it’s like a long set of dominoes. one thing leads to another.

don’t get me wrong – buying a house isn’t a bad thing. but how many decisions do we make just cause? as followers of Jesus, what does that say about living by faith, moving forward, and going. being a missional community. there is an important theme throughout all of Scripture. moving forward, out, onward. not staying put. 

“you know, moving isn’t such a bad thing,” this same friend said. “i think us Christians were meant to move through this journey – lots of people have just camped out.”

i know that i don’t ever want to stop and camp for too long. food for thought.   



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