Who Killed the Plastic Bag?

Garbage mess in Senegal.

Apparently no one yet!  I may have discovered one of the worst polluters on the planet.  Who knew the plastic bag could be such an agent of evil in the world. 

Senegal has garbage bags everywhere.  The wind sends them flying all over the country where they get tangled in trees, stuck in fields, attached to fences, houses, etc.  In the most remote area of the country you won’t find other garbage, just plastic bags.  That’s because lots of other stuff will deteriorate. 

It takes plastic bags 300 years to decompose. 

Thankfully in Canada, we have enough cash to cough up the 20+ million dollars needed to build and maintain every landfill we have in order to deal with our plastic bags in a fashionable way.  Senegal isn’t so lucky.  So the bags keep flying and collecting in the most obvious locations.  It’s pretty ugly. 

I think we can all take a lesson from this.  Let’s kill the plastic bag!  Stop using them.  Pay the $1 one at Superstore and get a bag that’s reusable.  We can save the world, one less plastic bag at a time. 

One thought on “Who Killed the Plastic Bag?”

  1. I found it hard to believe that amount of plastic bags used in everything when I moved to Canada. Having previously lived in Europe, using reusable shopping bags was much of a norm. I find it hard to see people double, triple bagging things, or stores handing out new bags if you already have one – worse yet, the employees often seem upset when you say that you don’t want a bag.

    I completely agree with your post. Plus, the Superstore bags are beautiful.

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