Pagan Christianity

a humdinger of a thinker

Could it be that all of the Christian institutions we rely on as believers in Christ are actually based on pagan rituals?  Priests and pastors, meeting at a building once a week, clergy and laity, etc?  Could it be? 

I’m only half way through this sucker, but it’s a humdinger of a read.  It’s challenging everything I have ever known about my faith.  Or at least what I’ve assumed about the institutional church being the end all and be all of what Christ envisioned for his body. 

Frank Viola and George Barna have done their research.  Looking into Christian traditions of the past 1700 years, they make a good argument that what the church looks like today with cloaked priests, a professional clergy, and our fascination with buildings, resembles very little of what Jesus had in mind for his Church.

J.R. Miller has a fascinating interview with Barna and Viola that digs a little deeper into some of the topics covered in Pagan Christianity.  Read the interview here


2 thoughts on “Pagan Christianity”

  1. The sequel to “Pagan Christianity?” is out now. It’s called “Reimagining Church”. It picks up where “Pagan Christianity” left off and continues the conversation. (“Pagan Christianity” was never meant to be a stand alone book; it’s part one of the conversation.) “Reimagining Church” is endorsed by Leonard Sweet, Shane Claiborne, Alan Hirsch, and many others. You can read a sample chapter at It’s also available on Frank is also blogging now at

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