Garbage Warrior

Garbage Warrior 

I saw the most unique documentary film I’ve seen in awhile last night. 

 Gargage Warrior follows the story of Michael Reynolds, an architect in New Mexico who builds sustainable homes and communities out of – well, I’m sure the title gives it away – garbage.  They are called earthships.  Of course Reynolds comes across as borderline crazy throughout the show, but his passion, and genious is impossible to deny.  Hey, he builds houses out of beer cans and tires, that are completely off the grid and are fully functioning.  And they don’t look half bad either! 

It’s hard not to dream of a more creative future for those of us who call ourselves followers of Jesus.  Shouldn’t we be pioneering these types of ideas?  Radical community. Passionate creation care.  Extravagent love – for our God that shows itself through love to others? 

 Hey, if anyone’s interested, one of Reynold’s projects is starting up at the end of April in Saskatchewan.    


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