Day 4 – Getting Greener

calg-bus.jpgSecond to last day of Green experiments.  Not a bad day.  Perhaps a little slushy – my suede winter boots are still drying after getting awfully wet on my jaunts today.  

Note to self: if taking transit becomes a habit in the spring, get a pair of rubber boots. 

Thoughts after day four…

When I take the bus, I’m outside for at least half an hour every day.  And by outside, I mean outside.  Walking through mud and puddles, on grass, on sidewalks.  Waiting at stop lights.  Breathing in exhaust.  More aware of the distances between places.  I have to slow down.  I notice those around me.  The regulars at the bus stops.  I see the jack rabbits who’ve made their homes in the meagre green spaces in the industrial areas.  They blend into the snow until I scare them and they run like mad.  I get fresh air in my lungs and I spend half an hour walking that I would never have spent otherwise. 

It’s a good thing using public transit.  Cause it forces me to get outside where I remember that life is more than the cubicle and a square computer screen.  It’s more than meetings and deadlines and five cups of coffee to stay alert. 

I think I just may keep up with this little experiement. 


3 thoughts on “Day 4 – Getting Greener”

  1. One of the amazing things about being outdoors for me is the ability to connect with the God who made this amazing creation. Although I’m guilty and drive to work, in the fall and the summer I loved my daily hike or bike through the cemetary (which is behind our back yard) to get to work. It was peaceful and I felt very close to the Creator in that place where so many have been laid to rest in the love of God. I was reminded of this by your mentioning the jack rabbits… there are many of them living in the cemetary.

  2. Geoffrey, great thoughts. I think there is something powerful about creation, being outside in the midst of it all. I think we see the creativity and beauty of God in ways man made buildings just do not. A mother of a friend has been looking into nature deficit disorder. What a great way to think of it. We lose out when we do not have time in nature.

  3. We do indeed. We surround ourselves with concrete and everything that /we/ create that are mere shadows in comparison to the amazing glory that was created by the Artist’s hand!

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