Green Experiments: Day 1-2

Day 2 of Calgary Transit Navigation:

  • 5:15am – up and at ’em in order to catch my bus at 6:14am.  (this isn’t typical – I happened to have a meeting downtown at 7am today).
  • 6:12am – arrive at my bus stop. 
  • 6:17am – bus didn’t come at scheduled time.  must wait for next one (15 minutes).
  • 6:35am – hop on bus; transfer a few minutes later to the LRT.
  • 7:00am – arrive at my meeting.  pfewf.  on time.
  • 4:10pm – leave office walking towards the nearest LRT station.  20 minutes.
  • 4:30pm – arrive at LRT – wait 10 minutes for bus to library. 
  • 4:55pm – arrive at the library. 
  • 5:30 – catch bus home – though it would take one more transfer before actually getting to my house.   


  • In the rat race that Calgary is, taking transit is very inconvenient.  Perhaps that is why so few people take transit and why so many people drive their trucks everywhere.  
  • I spent close to 40 minutes just walking to get from one place to another day – that doesn’t include the time I spent waiting between connections at city bus stops, or the time spent on buses and trains. 
  • It was still an adventure.  An not having worry about traffic, sitting tight and listening to podcasts or reading, and getting some fresh air while walking did me good.  I could handle this more often!
  • I’m thinking about the hidden costs of driving to work every day.  The $2.25 ticket for every bus ride seems like a lot to swallow – it doesn’t seem so bad when I factor in that every time I use my car, I must be mindful that I pay close to $4.00/day on insurance alone. 

One thought on “Green Experiments: Day 1-2”

  1. Good luck with your experiment. Quite the adventure for you to take! And I know what you mean… Saskatoon isn’t nearly so bad as Calgary, and yet public transit is pretty awful here.

    Which is why I’m pretty bad when it comes to using my car.

    Keep up the inspiring work!

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