green experiments

starting monday i’ll doing an experiment: factoring exercize into my everday life.  (instead of trying to get to the gym a few times a week).  i’m curious to see if taking public transportation (and the walking needed to get to and from bus stops), will make up for the time (three or so hours) I spend at the gym every week.  i’m thinking it’ll be a whole lot easier to have exercize naturally built into my life (as part of my way to work, for instance), than it is to bring gym clothes with me, and wedging a time into my calendar where i can drive to the gym to get my heart rate up. 

 where does this all come from you ask? 

 flipping the switch on technologyflipping the switch on technology flipping the switch on technology

Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology is the impetus behind my experiment.  Eric Bende and his wife, Mary lived in an Amish community for 18 months as part of his research for his masters degree through MIT.  The big question?  How much technology really makes life easier and how much is simply too much?  The by-product of gardening, small-scale farming, cutting wood, carting water, and canning for a year a half?  They got in shape without meaning to.  It all happened because they were using their bodies regularly in everyday things never once even contemplating going to a gym. 

So I’m curious if the same is possible in the city.  If I take the bus every day, I have to walk 20 minutes each way to get to my office and then back to my bus stop and home.  That’s 40 minutes of walking naturally factored into my daily life. 

What Monday-Friday looks like now: Hop into the car; drive 10 minutes to work; sit at a desk in front of a computer for 8 hours; drive to gym; exercize for an hour; go home.  Total:  60 minutes/3times a week =  180 minutes of exercize.    

I’ll be posting about these experiences next week as I walk, walk, walk!

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