a generous orthodoxy. chapter 3.

i finally got my hands on a copy of “a generous orthodoxy” by brian mclaren.  i’d heard it was his best, most complete work; one that does his thoughts and views justice and is a good exploration of our shared faith. 

so far i like it.   a lot.  mind you, i’m in chapter three.  but his discussion in chapter 1 about the different Jesuses he has come into contact with – protestant, catholic, orthodox, pentecostal, liberal protestant, liberation, etc. brought clarity to my own muddied thoughts and experiences in various denominational backgrounds. 

 the following though is the trump card of chapter 3. 

“meanwhile, for me, in the U.S. – now the undisputed Superpower in the world – i feel surrounded by Christians who very much like the idea of an american God and a middle-class Republican Jesus, first and foremost concerned about our national security and our way of life…”(2004, Pg. 82)

you could just as easily swap Canadian into the equation and get the same thing. 

so…have i made Jesus into some sort of white, middle-class, consumeristic, saviour?  or do i allow Jesus to speak for himself and allow the SPirit of God to change me into the real Jesus. 

gosh, i don’t know.

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