snow day reading

It’s cold outside and ugly.  Calgary has received a big dump of snow that we deserved before Christmas.  It shut down all of our plans for getting out and being active, outside at least, for this weekend.  It’s a nice excuse anyway to read, read, and read.  And finish some of the books I’ve been lingering on for a long time. 

A few books I’m working through right now:


Amazing Grace (Eric Metaxas) – a biography of William Wilberforce that is a fabulous read.  Reads like a novel and has captivated me from start to finish.  It’s hard to put down.  As I near the end of the book, I am amazed at how God used a normal man to accomplish great things.  If you liked the movie, you’ll love the book. 


God’s Politics – (Jim Wallis) – an exploration of American politics and related religious dialogue.  It’s a great backgrounder to current American politics, in light especially of the current presidential campaign.  It also can make us, as Canadians, think of how we involve (or don’t involve) religion in public discourse and politics. 

secret1.jpgThe Secret Message of Jesus – (Brian McLaren) – a reminder of how Jesus lived his life on earth, and the subversive yet incredible Kingdom he established.  Also a reminder of what it looks like to be a real Christian.  It’s a deep one that I’ve had to put down a few times to let the depth sink in.  I’m liking it. 

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