Save the Earth – one pound at a time.

I just got back from a viewing of An Inconvenient Truth. I’d seen it before, way back when it was still in theatres, and I’m pretty sure that was a catalyst for Steve and I to start composting, but the video always seems to catch me off guard again and again and teach me something new.
There was in the days after Gore winning his Oscar for best documentary, a lot of hype about the hypocrisy of his own home guzzling over $1,000/month in natural gas and electricity (Apparently Gore uses green energy to offset those CO2 emissions).
It has really made me think about my own life and what kind of a legacy I’m leaving for future generations; and not only for the future, but what is it that God requires of us now to sustain His creation.
“As Christians, we believe that the world and all that is in it is the deliberate, loving creation of God. He values it for its own sake as well as for its instrumental value to humans and to other creatures. And because he values nature, we, if we want to honor and serve him rightly, will also value it.” – Richard A. Baer –
The biggest challenge perhaps is to not fall into utter dispair and continually think you can’t do anything. All those little things must, eventually, add up to bigger things…right? offers a few ideas…you can even take an online carbon calculator to see how much CO2 you emit every year.
There are heaps of small ways (and small things can make for big changes) we can save the planet.
-Eat meat-less a few days a week…Vegetarian food takes less energy to produce than meat.
-Change lightbulbs to more energy-efficient ones – and turn off the lights when you’re not in the room.
-Park the car and walk, ride your bike or take public transit more often. This saves tons of energy, gas money, and makes us more healthy too. Carpooling is a great idea too.
-Use cold water to wash your clothes.
There are tons and tons of ideas to reduce, reuse, recycle, and keep the environment greener. It just takes a lifestyle shift…which can’t be the difficult…right?

One thought on “Save the Earth – one pound at a time.”

  1. Hi Amie,
    I agree with all you have said about environmental responsibility. As Christians, it’s all about stewardship – realizing that the earth is the Lord’s. He has given us great blessings, but he is the owner of everything. We are his caretakers for the short time we are here on earth. Wayne G.

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