Dethroning Klein

It’s now only a matter of weeks before Alberta’s kingpin Ralph Klein cedes his royal throne to one of the many PC leadership hopefuls vying to fill his shoes.

Snapshots of the policy positions of those to come
Ed Stalmach: a PC fixture since 1993 as MLA for Fort Saskatchewan-Viking. He’s been minister of agriculture, infrastructure, transportation and international/ intergovernmental affairs. His current focus are the challenges related to growth, improved quality of life, inclusive and honest government and building a stronger Alberta.

Lyle Oberg: Started as a family doctor and eventually jumped into politics. His resume includes stints as the minister of family and social services, education and infrastructure & transportation. “Oberg for Alberta” as the slogan goes has created a blueprint for Alberta prosperity. This includes an Oberg health plan and the protection of individual rights.

Mark Norris: His goal is to expand the economic base to keep taxes low, manage the provincial budget and government departments to minimize impact, and maximize resource wealth so it benefits Albertans now and later on.

Ted Norton: Educator, researcher and of course, MLA, Morton is a Conservative emphasizing economic development, a made-in-Alberta pension plan, more accountable Government and continued resistance to Ottawa’s “interference”.

Dave Hancock: He’s got a focus on accessible health care (working premiums into the tax base) and accessible education from K-12 plus opening more spaces in post-secondary institutions across the province. Hancock also focuses on vibrant communities and pumping resources into the arts and the province’s senior citizens.

Jim Dinning: Dinning has a long history in Alberta politics starting in 1979 working as executive assistant to Lou Hyndman, the provincial treasurer. Dinning’s focus is party renewal, government accountability, strengthening communities through affordable housing initiatives, support and access for people with disabilities, seniors, etc., and on innovation and conservation.

Victor Doerksen: Has served as chair of several government committees including the Alberta Research Council, and as minister of Innovation starting in 2001. He focuses on fiscal discipline, accountability in healthcare, conservation, and supporting parental roles.

Gary McPherson: “Let’s not lose sight of who we are ultimately, representing,” his policy position states on his website. McPherson is a member of the Order of Canada, successful businessman, writer, and former Chairman of the Premier’s Council on the Status of Person’s With Disabilities, McPherson has long been involved in his community of Edmonton. His focus is on accessible, public healthcare, K-12 education and the current “infrastructure deficit”, post-secondary education, and eliminating the GST in the province, amongst other policy stances.


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