Revolutionary Christians – Food for Thought

– Besides water control, wooden shoes and windmills, the Dutch also produced some phenomenal homegrown writers. Henri Nouwen, Catholic priest, world traveller, Jesus follower, and revolutionary Christian, is one of them, and here you can find one of his thoughts on prayer from “With Open Hands”. –

Who are they? Revolutionary Christians are people who attract others by their inner power. Those who meet them are fascinated by them and want to know more. All who come in contact with them get the irresistible impression that they derive their strength from a hidden source which is strong and rich. An inner freedom flows out from within them, giving them an independence which is neither haughty nor aloof, but which enables them to stand above immediate needs and most pressing necessities. Revolutionary Christians are moved by what happens around them but don’t let it oppress or shatter them. They listen attentively, speak with a self-possessed authority, but don’t easily get rushed or excited. In everything they say and do, a lively vision calls them forth This vision guides their lives.

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