A midsummer night’s dream

We’ve been having the craziest thunderstorms in Calgary these past few days. They’re the kind of storms where electricity lights up the air and your hair stands on end and you’re pretty afraid of standing in an open field. Lightning. I was driving home from a dance class last night and the #2 Highway was slowed down to a crawl. People worrying about hydroplaning I suppose. I sure was with the road flooding and water splashing everywhere. Then I get annoyed when the semis go rushing through and spew water over everyone driving anywhere near them, just because they can.

Thunderstorms remind me that there is something outside of myself. Something beyond Calgary and the big the city. More than oil and money and looking the right way. And being another rat on one of those crazy wheels that spins and spins and just plain makes you dizzy. Nauseous.

I like the electricity in the air during storms. There’s passion. And anger. And wonder and majesty and all these God qualities in the air.

I think I want to be like a thunderstorm.


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